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Friday, July 03, 2009

The No Spin Zone

I used to listen to Bill O'Reilly radio show a lot and watch his TV show occasionally but haven't for years. (By the way, this seems the theme for this month-books I've had forever and authors I haven't read for a while). I found his show interesting and while I always didn't agree with his opinion, I respected him for it.

This book is broken up into chapters than can be read out of order as each chapter tackles and issue and deals with a person who's been on his show debating the issue.

I liked his first book but I found him more pompous and arrogant in this book. He seems to brag about how his ideas are right or just about himself in general.

The Most Wanted

I read the first chapter in this book and couldn't decide if I should read more or give it up. I decided to plow ahead and was glad I did. Arley is a 14 year girl who, on a whim, starts writing to a man in prison and within the year she becomes his wife. An interesting premise. I got annoyed at Arley a lot, though, and couldn't quite understand why she married Dillon. One chapter is told by Arley, the next by her friend and lawyer, Annie, and so on. It is a very emotional book.

Valentine Princess

I love the Princess Diaries books. I love almost any book written in diary form, though. This is a short book about how Mia and Michael spend their first Valentine's Day. I don't have much to say about it but I did enjoy it, as usual.


This is another book I got from the publisher ages ago. I used to read all of Mary Higgins Clark books but haven't read any for a long time. They all started to run together and sound the same. I think I've read 2 other of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly books.

This book was a quick and easy read and fun too. There were a lot of different characters whose story lines all came together. The characters were interesting and fun too.

Good in Bed

I've had this book sitting on my book shelf for a long time. I got it probably around the time in was published when some publishers were giving away free books for anyone who signed up. I received it and didn't think it would be my type of book. Especially from the name of the title.

Titles can be deceiving. I loved the book. The title isn't really what the book is about. I loved the main character Cannie. She was smart and funny. The book did get a little too fairy tale-ish for me in parts, but overall I really enjoyed it. I had no idea there was a sequel and I will have to get this soon. I will also check out some of Jennifer Weiner's other books since I liked this one so much.