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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fun facts about my 2007 reads

I've read:

15 male authors
29 female authors

8 non fiction
50 fiction

2 re-reads

32 new authors

32 childrens/young adult
4 science fiction/fantasy

I've visited (that I can remember) Indiana, China, London, England, Florida, Minnesota, New York City, the moon, Houston, Ireland, Scotland, Pittsburgh, Paris, Landover, San Francisco, Miami, and Maine in books I have read this year.

Top 10 of 2007

in no particular order

1. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-Lisa See
2. Man on the Moon-Andrew Chaikin
3. Ruby Slippers of Oz-Rhys Thomas
4. The Little White Horse-Elizabeth Goudge
5. Quentins-Maeve Binchy
6. Forever Blue-Ann Brashares
7. All the Betsy-Tacy books, too hard to pick one!
8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
9. Hitty:Her First Hundred Years-Rachel Field
10. One Hundred and One Dalmations-Dodie Smith

2007 reads

1. In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash-Jean Shepard
2. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-Lisa See
3. The Black Unicorn-Terry Brooks
4. The Wide Window-Lemony Snicket
5. Rebuilding Coventry-Sue Townsend

6. The Borrowers-Mary Norton
7. The Key to the Indian-Lynne Banks
8. The Secret of the Underground Room-John Bellairs
9. The Borrowers Afield-Mary Norton

10. Email: A Love Story-Stephanie Fletcher
11. First Ladies-Margaret Truman
12. Bad Twin-Gary Troup

13. Betsy, Tacy and Tib Go Over the Big Hill-Maud Hart Lovelace
14. Betsy, Tacy and Tib-Lovelace
15. Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown-Lovelace
16. Heaven to Betsy-Lovelace
17. Miss New York Has Everything-Lori Jakiela
18. The Miserable Mill-Lemony Snicket

20. Betsy in Spite of Herself-Lovelace
21. Betsy was Junior-Lovelace
22. Betsy and Joe-Lovelace
23. Man on the Moon-Andrew Chaikin

24. Moon Shot-Alan Shepard
25. The Mysterious Shrinking House-Jane Louise Curry
26. The Secret History of Time to Come-Robie McCauley
27. Forever in Blue-Ann Brashares
28. The Nanny Diaries-Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
29. Quentins-Maeve Binchy

30. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-J.K. Rowling
31. Diamond in the Window-Jane Langton
32. Massachusetts, California and Timbuktu-Stephanie Rosefield
33. Betsy and the Great World-Lovelace
34. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Rowling
35. Betsy's Wedding-Lovelace

36. The House with a Clock in its Walls-John Bellairs
37. Steel Ashes-Karen Rose Cercone

38. Case of Curiousities-Allan Kurzeil
39. The Kidnapping of Courtney Van Allen and What's-Her-Name-Joyce Cool
40. Wizard at Large-Terry Brooks
41.One Hundred and One Dalmations-Dodie Smith
42. A New Song-Jan Karon

43. Ruby Slippers of Oz-Rhys Thomas
44. Dork in Disguise-Carol Gorman
45. Utterly Charming-Kristine Grayson
46. Rubbish-William Radje

47. Children of Apollo-Mark Whittingham
48. The Last of the Great Whangdoodles-Julie Edwards
49. The Little White Horse-Elizabeth Goudge

50. Lies My Teacher Told Me-James Loewen
51. Friends Like These-Victoria Routledge
52. The Silver Nutmeg-Palmer Brown
53. The Court of the Stone Children-Eleanor Cameron
54. The O'Reilly Factor-Bill O'Reilly
55. Jack on Tracks-Jack Gantos
56. Kinship-Trudy Krisher
57. Hitty:Her First Hundred Years-Rachel Field
58. Which Witch?-Eva Ibbotson

Which Witch?

Loved this book! I have read one other Eva Ibbotson, The Secrets of Platform 13, and thought it was just ok. This book was much better. I loved all the characters and her sense of humor. She made the witches and other characters seem just like everyday people in their problems, very funny. The plot is that a dark wizard, Arriman, is looking for a wife and will choose a bride by whoever performs the darkest piece of magic.