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Monday, April 25, 2011

2010 book stats

Yeah, I have really slacked on this blog but I wanted to write down my stats for 2010 before I forget to do it

Total books read: 52
Total authors read: 40

male: 18
female: 20
new :33

fiction: 18
young adult: 16
crime/mystery: 0
sci fi: 1
non-fiction: 7

Year of Publication
oldest: 1932 (Little House in the Big Woods)
most recent: 2010 (The Ship Hotel

1930s- 2
1940s- 2
1960s- 1
1970s- 2
1980s- 2
1990s- 9
2000s- 23

Places visited in books
Inkworld, New York, Boston, Hyannisport, Los Angeles, Italy, Florida, Nebraska, Japan, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New Mexico, London, Canada, Ohio, New Jersey, Kentucky, Nevada, Illinois, Honolulu, Philippines, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Mexico, Wisconsin, Kansas


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