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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 things

So there's a 25 things about yourself note going around on Facebook and I've seen it on some blogs too. I decided to do a 25 things book related meme.

1. I don't remember when I learned to read but I wish I did.
2. I remember reading and doing book reports on Laura Ingalls Wilder books in 2nd grade.
3. I always read above my reading level in school.
4. I loved the Scholastic book orders.
5. I discovered Anne of Green Gables through one of the Scholastic book orders in 4th grade but I don't think I read it until 5th grade.
6. We did Book It in elementary school. If you filled all your stars for the month (I think it was 5 or 7) with books you read, then you got a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut.
7. I always had to create my own stars because I always read more.
8. I started this blog about 2 years ago.
9. I have probably around 500 books that I haven't read yet.
10. I have about 200 or so that I have read.
11. My kids probably have around 100 books.
12. I hardly ever buy a book new unless I really want it and want it to keep.
13. My favorite used book store closed a few years ago.
14. They have another location but it's farther away and I haven't been there yet.
15. I love library book sales.
16. I don't use the library as much as I should.
17. I have so many books at home to read so that has cut my library usage.
18. I have about 20 bookmarks.
19. My oldest book is a very old copy of Anne of Green Gables. Not a first edition, but close.
20. I'm not very good at writing book reviews.
21. It's really hard to choice one favorite book; I have so many.
22. It bothers me a tad when people say they love to read but don't have time. It just depends on how much you want to do it. I always make time to read even with 3 small children.
23. I also have lots of unread magazines in this house.
24. This list was a lot easier to make than the original 25 things about me list.
25. I'd love to hear 25 book related things about you!


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