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Monday, February 02, 2009

Before Green Gables

My favorite author is L.M. Montgomery and one of my favorite books in Anne of Green Gables so there's no surprise that I had to read this book.

I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. I liked getting in insight into Anne's early life before Green Gables. I couldn't help but wonder though, how LMM really imagined it, if she did.

There were many a-ha moments in the book like learning about how found Katie Maurice, her use of big words, taking care of children, etc.

I have to admit that I even cried a little.

Overall, I enjoyed the book very much. I usually don't care for sequels or prequels to books written by other authors but I did like this one. I like it as a separate work from LMM's stories , if that makes sense.



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