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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Wednesday Wizard

Title and author of book: The Wednesday Wizard by Sherryl Jordan

Fiction or non-fiction? Genre? fiction, children's

What led you to pick up this book? I like stories about magic.

Setting: 1291 and 1991

Plot summary: Denzil is a wizard in training and accidentally sends himself 700 years into the future.

What did you like most about the book? I liked when Denzil was learning about life in the 20th century.

What did you like least? Denzil's attitude at times, although understandable

What did you think of the writing style? Easy and fun to read

Have you read any other books by this author? What did you think of those books? no

What did you think of the ending? as expected

Do you recommend this book? If you use a rating system, what’s your rating? yes, 3/5


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