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Thursday, February 04, 2010


This book is the sequel to Inkheart, in which Meggie and her father can read characters of of books and become particularly involved with the characters of a book entitled Inkheart.

Inkspell has characters returning to their book along with Meggie and other major characters, including the author of Inkheart.

I love the concept. It sounds like a great concept that booklovers would love. I read the first book and said, eh, it was ok. I decided to give the second book a try. I really shouldn't have.

The book was longer than I thought, 600 some pages. And most of it dragged with not much of anything happening or nothing interesting happening. I wasn't really entralled with the Inkworld. I should have quit this book but didn't. I read the description for the third book and decided that it sounded boring and that I didn't need to read it. I am disappointed in this series.


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