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Monday, July 05, 2010


I received this book at Christmas but hadn't read it yet. I decided to read right after the series ended and I heard it had been cancelled. I'm still a bit bummed about that. I found the series fascinating at the beginning, then a bit predictable and boring, but loved it again in the last episodes. But I never really liked many of the main characters, but that's another story.

The book mainly takes place around CERN in Switzerland, while the TV series took place in Los Angeles. The cast of the book had a much more international flavor as scientists around the world worked at CERN. The only name in the book from the series is Lloyd Simcoe, but it is not the same character at all. I saw where they took certain story lines from the book.

The book was a real page turner for me until the last quarter of the book. You thought it would end and it went on and on, like the movie A. I. did. When it did end it ended rather abruptly. But overall I really enjoyed the book.


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