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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am going on vacation in 3 days. On my last relaxing vacation to the beach last summer, I read 3 books in a week. This time we will be away for almost a week but no kids. I wonder how much I can read? I don't want to bring too many books but I would have having nothing to read. I know I could always buy a book but I have so many at home. It's always hard to choose because I want to bring something I know I will like. And something that is light reading, not heavy reading. So far these are the books I may or may not take
Night of Rain and Stars-Maeve Binchy (definitely taking. I usually save her books for vacations)
Styles by Maggie Sweet-Judith Stacey
24-Jim Brown
Legally Blonde-Amanda Brown
1st two books of Georgia Nicholson books-Louise Rennison

I will probably finish one on the plane going and coming back. And I will bring some magazines too. Of course, I will be doing other things than reading but I am sure I will be doing lots of relaxing and reading too.

Decisions, decisions!


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